About the Show

Many years ago we (Rob Kemp and Dave Pitt) thought, “What does the world have against the 4th item on a list?”

It’s all what are your top three soap operas? Or name your top three Motown songs?

And number 4, while being great just doesn’t get a mention.

Left of the Podium is a celebration of the 4th item on a list. It started out as a podcast and the questions where quite sensible. “What is your 4th favourite flavour of crisps” being an example. Over time more ridiculous questions appeared. “What is your 4th favourite finger?” Then questions got longer and more contrived. A town called Mursbastonsford was created. We acquired Thundertrucks, space stations and deep ocean bases.

Then just as we got good, we (Dave mainly) ran out of time. It became more difficult to find time in our (Dave’s mainly) busy schedule. Left of the Podium died.

After some heart to heart conversations and the realisation one of us (Dave) isn’t as sought after a playwright has he thought we decided to revive Left of the Podium. But podcasts, audio only things, are so 1976.

We made the move to You Tube. Videos, is the way forward.

We have two channels. Left of the Podium has nothing but the shows. Each show is a question and is released on the 4th, 14th and 24th of each month.

The other channel is Left of the Podium Betamax Extras. This is everything we record which isn’t a show. Both channels go together but both are apart. You are advised to subscribe to both to get the full experience.

So that is Left of the Podium. If you want to suggest a subject for us to discuss then use the Contact page, or leave a comment on You Tube. Go on, get involved – the world will be a cosier place!

Also, tell your friends! Just imagine the joy you can get from being smug because “you liked them before they sold out” and “it’s not as good as it used to be when it was underground”. Smugness FTW, whatever that means. Ask a child.

Rob Kemp & Dave Pitt
December 2017