The Presenters

Rob Kemp

Rob is tall. In generations past he would have been worshipped as some kind of god-giant, that kind of tall. These days it’s not really worth mentioning for more than a few sentences, but he does generally have a good view, wherever he stands.

His attitudes are quite liberal and he likes to think of himself as quite smart and cultured. He is wrong.

Never one to use a single word when a thousand words would suffice, Rob is a world champion bush beater-arounderer and is currently studying for a GCSE in whimsy. His opinions are generally upbeat and positive in the way that Russell Howard’s would be, if the bastard would just cheer up!

Dave Pitt

Dave is fat. It’s not a fatness you’d see in an obese hippo but it’s certainly a fatness you’d see from an slightly out of shape manatee.

He plays rubber drums which is a fact that doesn’t ever appear in the shows.┬áHe used to wear hats but stopped. A fact which is probably more interesting than anything else about him.